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We are a company owned by people who are from the area who have over 20 years of experience working in the field of technology.  Our owner technicians have actively been a part of installing internet from the days of dial up to today’s high speed internet. We have dealt with the busy signals of dial up service, the satellite services affected by weather and now the convenient world of wireless.

Like many others we were having trouble with reliability from our internet provider at the time. Through conversations with friends and other business owners we realized that there was a real need for another option. We talked with people in rural areas who had no options at all and knew something had to be done. Grandparents weren’t able to see their grandchildren’s pictures on Facebook who lived out of town, people were having to stay at the office late due to not being able to check or send emails from home, families weren’t able to enjoy streaming movies or even use their phones!

The owners got together one night and started brain storming on how to give options to people and after a year of extensive research and hard work, Trace was born to help families stay connected, save you money and give you a choice!


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